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My published Novel: Into the Lyons Den

Image  INTO THE LYONS DEN by Donni De-Ville   (Also in Kindle version)

My published paperback novel; ‘Into the Lyons Den,’ has over 115,000 words, 442 quality vellum pages and is 1 x 7.9 x 4.9 inches in size.

The backdrop is a marriage agency, owned by Dandy and Daniel Lyons. The relevance is understood on reading the book. The characters vibrate with energy and the reader soon finds they have become attached to at least a few of the characters and care about what happens to them, even to the baddies! The characters are depicted well enough to become 3D, and the action is fast after the initial start, which introduces the main character and the reasons why a marriage agency is initially, an important part of the story.

It is not a slushy romance, but a mystery thriller, interspersed with some humour. What there is of ‘personal relationships’ can be a little racy, but not in a crude way. I would have preferred to have the couples disappear behind a door, keeping their private space, but I was advised that some sex was necessary. So, I wrote those parts naughtily, but artistically, (I hope!)  The serial killer storyline and the many twists and turns ensure to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. There are cliff-hangers at the end of every chapter and there is a most unexpected ending.

The emotions are so vivid; many readers have needed to keep a box of tissues by them. Even some men! I have tried not to write this exposure too much like the synopsis, so that if you choose to investigate further, only a little will be repeated. I can honestly say this story (loosely based on episodes in my life and slightly exaggerated) will enable you to ‘see’ the story unravelling before your eyes, like a movie. This is a story you could easily read again and still enjoy, as you will have so much to relate to and experience. Also, you may want to see what clues to the murderer, if any, you overlooked!

This book is an emotional adventure and one you will never be able to forget. Here is the link;   From here you can click onto a fuller synopsis and also to a sales page in my site and if you buy from here I will sign the paperback book with the name you give me, or you can go into Amazon, USA and UK, for the Paperback and Kindle version.